Monday, May 16, 2011


viewer.pngGotham Golf Club is the premier , most fun golf organization in New York City!

Dedicated to playing golf, and exploring the local environs, the Gotham Golf Club serves as great American ambassadors who travel the world chasing, and being chased by, fun. But, always with dignity, respect for the local culture, and a dogged determination to be great and charitable citizens of the world.

The permanent motto of the Gotham Golf Club is the Latin phrase, "Non ventum ut deficio promotum," or "We didn't come here to lay up." Whether a difficult 200 yard approach shot to the green, or exploring everything our host country has to offer, members of the G.G.C. do not lay up, or play it safe.

The G.G.C. Tour
2008 - Ireland
2009 - Scotland
2010 - Ireland
2011 - Spain

Acceptance into the Gotham Golf Club is rigorious, and demanding, and earning membership into the G.G.C. hovers around the same small percentage of those becoming Green Berets, or Skull & Bones members. No application is allowed, you must be tapped in, and voted on unanimously. 


Terrence P. Lavin
Gotham Golf Club

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