Monday, May 16, 2011

Maiden Voyage...Going Back Home

Back in 2008 I gathered up some friends to do something special for my 40th birthday. The result was a powerful foursome who hit Ireland in the Spring of 2008. The trip motto was "40 Shades of Green, 40 years of Terry." 

It was a spectacular trip that had us playing great courses on the West Coast of Ireland, including the brilliant Lahinch! If there was a down side, it was traveling too much - we planted stakes in a different spot each night which required the packing and unpacking, Jenga-like, in the boot of our Land Rover...gorgeous automobile, the Land Rover, too bad their sideview mirrors are apt to fall off. Damn narrow streets! Our fearsome foursome thoroughly enjoyed the challenging courses, but did the most damage at night in places like Limerick; Birr, Offaly, and Galway City. The night at "Nancy Blake's" in Limerick, and the impromptu strip-tease for a local Hen Party in Galway were particular stand-outs.  Perhaps the saying that summed up this 2008 trip was, "I think I bumped my head last night."

2008 Team
Uncle Phil Marshall
Kevin Phalen
Mike Riordan
Terry Lavin

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